Hotel information for SRF devotees visiting YSS Ranchi Ashram

SRF devotees looking for a hotel room to stay in the vicinity of YSS Ranchi Ashram may explore the following options:

Hotel Name Address Contact Details  Time by Walk
Hotel Radisson Blu Main Road Kadru Diversion, Opp Chamber of Commerce, Ranchi Tel:  9771433805,
0651-6602222, 6602344,
E-mail [email protected]
10 mins
Hotel Chanakya
B. N. R
Station Road, Ranchi Tel:  0651-6606460, 9709700086
Email: [email protected],
10 mins
Hotel Capitol Residency Station Road, Ranchi Tel: 0651-6607777,2525 
Mob: 9234679803,   
Email: [email protected],
10 mins
Hotel Element Station Road, Ranchi Tel: 0651-2461935/36
Mob: 9204784687, 9570777703
Email: [email protected]
10 mins
Hotel Green Horizon Station Road, Ranchi Mob. 9234609462, 6204858173
Email: [email protected],
10 mins
Hotel Maple Wood Diocesan Village,
 Old H. B. Road,
Siromtoli Chowk,
Tel: 0651-2460801/02/03/04,
Mob. 9234462143
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
5 mins
Hotel Archie Regency Near Yogoda Ashram, Ranchi Railway Station Road, Siromtoli Chowk, Ranchi  Mob: 9798171404
Email: [email protected],
5 mins
Hotel Kwality Inn Station Road, Ranchi Tel: 0651-2460128, 2460469,
Mob: 9386490805
E-mail : [email protected], [email protected] 
10 mins
Hotel Blues Shivalik Near Bharat Petroleum Depot, Ranchi Railway Station, Ranchi Mob - 09955997748, 7209575192
Email: [email protected],
5 mins
Hotel Natraj Mini Opp. Daily Market, Main Road Ranchi Tel: 0651-2209383, 2200863, 6572324
Mob: 9835326333
15 mins

1.  Please call the hotels and make your own room reservations.                              
2.  Tariffs are subject to change and please confirm them before making reservations.